retirement, kayaking and the weather.

Kevin is retired. 

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We’re staying in Southern California for a few weeks to get things settled with our paperwork in California. Then we’re heading up to South Dakota & Yellowstone National Park with a few stops along the way.

Kevin and I have a preoccupation with kayaking. I’m doing alot of research on kayak racks & kayaks. Were going to use the kayaks for calm waters, fishing & fun. My research is telling me to rent kayaks this year to see if they’re important enough for us to bring all over the USA on top of our jeep wrangler.

I’ve looked at the weather. I decided to move up North to hopefully cooler weather so my camping schedule must change. :) The camping schedule depends on the weather and how much time we have. Its a good thing I’m flexible. :)

Happy RV Camping!

Birds at Wilderness Lake Thousand Trails in Menifee, CA

Retirement Count Down: Kevin has two days until retirement.

Location: We’re camped at wilderness lakes thousand trails.  The campground is located between San Diego & Riverside in California.


I was surprised to see this woodpecker hanging out in a tree near our campground. I’ve never seen one at Wilderness Lakes.IMG_7379.JPGgoodSparrows like to eat and drink at our new bird feeding station

IMG_7396This Eurasian Collared-Dove has become a regular at the bird feeding station.


Hooded & Bullock’s Orioles are coming to feed at our hummingbird feeders this Summer. What a treat!


Kevin and I are starting to give names to some of the visitors at our Summer feeder station.

These two are part of the mean girl group.

This lovely couple are part of the mean girl group.

The Canadians!

The Canadians are coming! One of them I’ve name buttercup. :)

The Twins!

The Twins!

Joey(our yorkie) doesn't like the mean girls. They hiss at him

Joey(our yorkie) doesn’t like the mean girls. They hiss at him!

Happy Birding!

Visitor at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails, CA

When I came back from a walk this morning this Black-crowned Night Heron greeted me on my RV step at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails Campground in California.

photo taken with iphone

photo taken with iphone


This little guy came to visit with its goose family.


Sibling playing under my RV

Happy Camping!

Black-crowned Night Heron picture taken with iphone

Baby Geeses pictures taken with Canon Rebel T5i with 250mm Telephoto Zoom Lens