Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails, CA in the Spring

Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails
near Menifee, CA

Social Life

During our stay at wilderness lakes thousand trails, I tried bunco. I’ve never played bunco before but I’m determined to stay active and meet new people. Marla taught me how to play. I met her while walking our yorkie Joey one morning.  The bunco ladies are ready with good conversation and a cup of coffee at Wilderness Lakes in the family lodge. Thank you, Marla for inviting me!


The baby geese & baby ducks are everywhere this spring at Wilderness Lakes. While camping here we spotted a baltimore oriole this is a new bird for us.


List of birds identified at the bottom of the post



One windy afternoon a small fire started in a field near our motorhome.  At first I thought someone was bbqing and didn’t invite us. The smoke was blowing towards our motorhome and it was too much smoke for a bbq. Kevin was at work so I did a quick look at the motorhome and decided to just leave it all and grab our yorkie if the fire got out of hand. The staff, fire department and campers were quick to respond so the fire was out fast. This brush fire was a quick lesson in priorities for me.  

FullSizeRender (2)


Kevin and I walked about 1 mile everyday around the campground and outside the campground. One day I saw a mallard mother reject a lost baby. When the baby tried to join her family, she grabbed its neck and threw it. Later, the baby duck met up with its own parents. I like a good happy-ever-after story. If only life was always a happy ending.

Good bye to Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menifee, CA its time for us to move on

Happy Travels!

Wildlife Spotted

  • Squirrels
  • House Sparrow
  • Western Kingbird
  • Black-necked Stilt
  • Great Blue Heron – adult & babies
  • Canadian Geese – adult & babies
  • Mallard Ducks – adult & babies
  • Black Phoebe
  • Crow
  • Red-tailed Hawk
  • Sharp-skinned Hawk
  • Snowy Egret
  • Baltimore Oriole –  add to bird life list

Farmer Market

Menifee Farmer Market in California
near Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails

This farmer market is small a few of the products sold here are veggies, cactus, clothing, scents and jewelry. The vendors are friendly and the market is clean.

Kevin and I have a love for farmer markets. Our first home was an apple farm as newlyweds we spent several weekends selling apples at the local farmer markets.
Happy Travels!

Membership Camping


We decided to upgrade our thousand trails membership again. This time to the elite membership. (21 days of camping/park to park) The membership includes encore campgrounds, RPI gold membership & enjoying America memberships.

We also bought a few years of Passport America membership. I think we’re ready for retirement RVing. The retirement date is set at June 25th.

I’m a planner so I got out my trip planner and started planning…. like many RVer’s we enjoy nature and wide open spaces.

The times we stay at an RV park can be expensive. Our new memberships are taking the cost of RV park camping down.

This cute Black-crowned Night Heron is at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menifee, CA.

This cute Black-crowned Night Heron is at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menifee, CA.

Happy Travels!