Yuma Prison, Arizona Marketplace & Farming

I hurt my back so in Yuma I made a chiropractor appointment with Dr Montero. He told me to take it easy for awhile. I use a step stool to get into the jeep now. :) It works!

The weather is windy but nice in Yuma. The pool is heated at Yuma Lakes RV Park. :) The site spacing is good for an RV Park. The FMCA Lewis & Clark Thousand Trails chapter came over to say “Hi” They are so friendly. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them in Oregon & Washington this Summer/Fall. We have a picnic table, friendly campers & things to do in Yuma.

Yuma Territorial Prison 

There is a prison cemetery, view deck, guard tower, sally port, museum, cell block & gift shop. In the museum exhibit, some of the women stories are scary. They’re too gross to repeat.

Arizona Marketplace

The Arizona marketplace reminded me of the swap meets outside the big tent in Quartzsite. The marketplace had socks, shirts, rv stuff, books, avon, food, veggies, games & much more.

The farms near Yuma Lakes RV Park were fun to watch. The guys picked lettuce & broccoli while we were driving by. It was interesting to see. The veggies looked so good. I’m inspired to buy a new steamer from amazon.


Loading Lettuce

Happy RVing!

Gila Woodpecker

“I don’t feed the birds because they need me; I feed the birds because I need them.”
― Kathi Hutton

Gila Woodpecker.JPG

Gila Woodpecker spotted for the first time by us in Salome, Arizona.

Kevin and I were on our morning walk when we spotted the Gila Woodpecker. This is a bird life lister for us. Kevin has a small green booklet he uses for bird sightings. This is called a bird life list. The American Birding Association has specific rules about how bird species should be recorded if a list is submitted to them. However, a personal bird list is up to the individual. I keep track of bird sightings in the back of my Peterson Field Guide and I use this blog for listing birds & other things I enjoy. I like having several bird lists on the blog.

Happy Birding!

Bird Life List Ideas




Civil War Days in Yuma, AZ

Civil War Days Jan 30-31,2016
At the Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park in Yuma, Arizona.

On our RV trip for 2017 we’re planning on traveling throughout the South seeing the historic civil war monuments then arriving at the Gettysburg Civil War Reenactment 2017. Our first weekend in Yuma, Arizona we saw a civil war battle enactment. This has inspired us to keep our travel plans for the Civil War South 2017.

The Arizona Civil War Counsel put on a great battle. The noise was incredibly loud. I’m buying ear plugs for our next reenactment. The civil war days included civil war dance, artillery demonstration, blacksmithing, Gettysburg Address by President Abraham Lincoln, selling pies & more.

Happy Travels!