RV Life Update

Emerald Cove RV Park in Earp, California


Joey doesn’t like his picture taken

The Pool– The pool & spa is closed due to cleaning for 3 weeks. I like swimming in the pool & relaxing in a jacuzzi once or twice a week. The closing of the pool area was a disappointment but we have plenty to do around here.

Breakfast Place– Once again the Crossroads Cafe in Parker, Arizona has been an excellent breakfast place. I had two turkey sausage, one scrambled egg, cottage cheese and an english muffin that was perfect.

Walking– Kevin and I have been walking around the rv park in the morning. The weather has been rainy.

The View– The sky is big here. The sunsets & sunrises are colorful.

Happy RVing!

Favorite Local Cafes & Restaurants 

Emerald Cove RV Park

Emerald Cove RV Park in Earp, California

Our time- here is spent walking, sky watching, going to the jacuzzi, reading, birding and geocaching.

The campground- is filled with people. I usually don’t see this many RV’s here. We have a good spot in the second row with a slice of a river view.

Photography– My pictures were taken with my iPhone today so be patient with the quality.

Skywatching- The moon was full last night. I saw it in the sky with some clouds. It looked like something from a scary supernatural movie. lol

Happy RVing!

Winter Squash Experiment

“The more you eat, the less flavor; the less you eat, the more flavor.”  ~Chinese Proverb

Kevin and I are attempting to eat local fresh food. We have been experimenting with winter squash.

Our first winter squash is the acorn squash.

What’s the difference between a yellow colored acorn squash and a green colored acorn squash? The vendor at the Vail Ranch Farmers Market in Temecula, California told us the yellow acorn squash is older than the green acorn squash. His wife prefers the green colored acorn squash.

Acorn Squash-Kevin steamed it in the Pressure Cooker. I used olive oil with mine. It had a nutty taste to it. Kevin used butter. The acorn squash is a keeper. It was delicious.

Delicata Squash– is our next winter squash. There is no need to peel the skin of this squash. The skin is ok to eat. Kevin steamed this squash in our pressure cooker.

Pumpkin Squash-We were told by the vendor people like to make pumpkin soup out of this squash. Kevin and I steamed the pumpkin squash. We used butter and parmesan cheese on it.

Golden Nugget Squash– We steamed this squash then put butter and parmesan cheese on it.

Spaghetti Squash– Some people use the inside of this squash as pasta but we just steamed it in the pressure cooker then put butter on it.

Butternut Squash– The vendor told us the best butternut squash has a long thick neck.

The best tasting winter squash was the acorn squash with its nutty flavor and the butternut squash with its sweet flavor.

How do you cook your squash?

 I would love to hear your ideas

Happy RVing!

Winter Squash Info

Temecula’s Newest Farmers Market

Temecula’s Newest Farmers Market

I think much of my inspiration comes from nature. I feel alive when I take a long hike with my dog or when I just spend time outdoors, appreciating the beauty of this world. I even feel alive and inspired when I walk through farmers markets appreciating and learning about local fruits and vegetables.“–Amanda Schull


Farmers Market Haul- dill plant, onions, pumpkin squash, acorn squash, mexican limes and alfalfa honey

The Vail Headquarters Farmer Market is a pleasant surprise. I saw flags, soap, jewelry, crafts, peanut brittle, fudge, essential oils, tamales, veggies, fruits, honey and more. Its a good size market.

Most farmer markets are friendly places. I like that I can ask questions to the local vendors and they love to tell me about their products. The Vail Headquarters Farmer Market is a friendly farmers market. There isn’t a bunch of traffic here like at the Saturday Old Town Farmers Market in downtown Temecula.


The local vendors took their time telling us about their products here. The squash vendor gave us one acorn squash for free. He also gave me several recipes for cooking squash.

The honey vendor explained where the bees came from for her products. She also let us taste each type of honey so we could find the honey that was right for us.

The plant vendor told me how to care for the dill plant I bought. I like the extra help I got here. I’ll definitely come back to this market.

What’s your favorite farmers market?

Happy RVing!

Farmers Markets we experienced


2017 Year Plan

2017 Year Plan

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
Oprah Winfrey


I made a list of New Year’s Resolution for 2017. Its more of a plan for 2017. Why? The plan helps me to see things that need to be changed. It also helps remind me to keep good habits alive.


Be Healthy & Active

-Keep Weight Down using weight watchers simply filling method & weight watchers smart points program

-Exercise by walking

-Cook Healthy by steaming veggies in a pressure cooker & using a wok to stir fry

-Eat fresh foods like fresh veggies & fresh fruits grown by local farmers


Keep my mind peaceful & free of anxiety 

-Breath, Slow down & Look up at the sky

-Be positive

Build my mental muscle 

-Learn more about birds

-Keep Reading

-Learn a new hobby if the opportunity presents itself


Open my friend circle (scary)

-Be Friendly by taking time to listen and talk to others when the opportunity presents itself

-Be open to new social experiences for instance elks, rallies or club house activities

Keep connected with family

-online social network like facebook, Instagram and snap chat

-calling with facetime

-by attending family get togethers when were in town


Keep connected with my beliefs

-pray daily

-meditate on scripture

What’s your New Year’s resolutions?

Happy RVing!

2013 New Years Resolutions 

2014 New Year Eve

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Need help with weight

Simply Filling Weight Watcher

Help with resolutions

50 New Year’s Resolution ideas

Camping in Southern California

In the morning a man walks with his whole body; in the evening, only with his legs.-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Camping at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails in Menifee, CaliforniaIMG_0241

Walking– Its time to walk the Christmas cookies off. Two large geese started to run after us so we picked up the pace of our walk. These geese are the reason I carry a stick during our walks here.

 Breakfast– We had a great meal at The Breakfast Club in Menifee, CA this morning. The waitress Nicole is really good there. The Breakfast Club is my favorite breakfast place in Menifee, California.

Christmas Sales– Kevin and I went to Super Target with good intentions. We were going to look at Christmas Decoration sales. We ended up with $40.00 in groceries and one new Christmas Decoration. 🙂

Happy RVing!