Tall Chief RV Park in Washington

Tall Chief RV Park in Washington

We camped at Tall Chief RV Park in Fall City, Washington. The campground is about 30 minutes from Seattle.

Seattle Adventure

Kevin and I arrived in Seattle about 7:00 am. We immediately walked to the famous Starbucks on 1912 Pike St. This is the first Starbucks ever opened. I was shocked by how empty it was. We were told to expect big lines. Kevin had his usual Pikes Peak coffee and I had my skinny vanilla latte within 10 minutes of walking into the coffee shop. This Starbucks has no sitting areas but the coffee was fantastic.

Then, we walked to Pike Place Fish Market to see the employees toss fish to each other.ūüôā They’re loud and happy workers. Pike Place Market was a nice experience early in the morning. ¬†It cost us $14.00 for early bird parking.

Then, we went on the Bill Speidel’s¬†Seattle Underground Tour. This cost us about $19.00 each. While the¬†Portland¬†underground tour was focused on ghost stories, shanghaiing men and human trafficking. The Seattle tour guide was filled with stories about the gold rush and how the underground was built in Seattle. Both the Portland Underground tour and the Seattle Underground tour were interesting. I’m glad we went to both tours.

Next, the Klondike National Historical Park. We saw a short movie about the 1897 gold rush and walked around the museum a bit. I learned that in Dawson City and Seattle more fortunes were made off miners than by mining for the average guy.

The next day we drove to the Fremont Troll. This statue was build on Halloween in 1990. There are several books written with the Fremont Troll mentioned. Also, some very strange myths regarding the troll. I’ve read about portals near this troll in fantasy and paranormal books. The Troll is thought to be the Center of the Universe. We didn’t see any of those things but we did find a nice statue of a troll and a well maintained geocache here. There were people taking pictures of this popular troll when we got there. It was a fun visit but the streets getting here were very narrow.

Lightship Swiftsure #83

This lightship was built with sails in 1904 (8 years before the Titanic). Lightships were built very seaworthy. They generally are anchored offshore as floating lighthouses to guide ships in and out of safe harbor channels.

The Light at the end of the Tunnel Volksmarching Event

The light at the end of the Tunnel volksmarch 5k event was in the same area as the Mega Ape Geocaching Event 2016. Kevin and I did the 5k volksmarch first. We saw a view of the Keechelus Lake. It was a nice morning walk. I felt bad for the people who waited to walk until the late morning. It was starting to get very hot.

Mega Ape Geocache Event 2016

We walked over to the Mega Ape Event from the volksmarching event. Both events had full  parking lots. There were several people demonstrating different geocaches.

The ape log was available for pictures. I bought an ape coin and visited the trackable area. I deposited my Prissy Prideful Deadly Duck trackable on the trackable table and picked up a Generation Gen outdoor trackable.

I had a good time. Kevin and I got a picture with the ape. The event lines weren’t too bad. We didn’t walk through the tunnel but we did have a good time at both events.

Happy RVing!

Next, Kevin and I traveled to Glacier National Park.

Mt Vernon Thousand Trails in Washington Adventures

Mt Vernon Thousand Trails in Washington Adventures

Our first day at Mt Vernon Thousand Trails we drove to Whidbey Island for a volksmarch. The volksmarch is called the Historic Fort Casey. We walk along the water edge to Fort Casey and the Admiralty Head Lighthouse. The walk was a 5k. Fort Casey was interesting to see. It was completed in 1907.

We saw several big guns, a communication center, gun room, powder rooms and more. The lighthouse has limited hours to visit but we made it in time to see inside. I like looking at the fresnel lenses the different lighthouses use. This lighthouse had two small lens on display.

La Conner Volksmarch

We found the start box at Farmhouse Restaurant for this volksmarch. The start box has the stamp for the volksmarch and the instructions for the walk. The La Conner walk started at the marina. We walked along the marina, boardwalk and into the small city of La Conner. Volksmarching is a good way to see new places. I liked walking in La Conner. This small town had many quaint shops, restaurants and art work throughout the town.

Bow Little Market 

This farmer’s market was small. The market had wood art, jewelry makers, soap makers, plants, a few veggie vendors, food & sometimes music. I found a few veggies here. It was mostly local artist not many veggie vendors here. Open Thur 1-6

Mt Vernon Farmers Market

Kevin and I went to the Saturday morning Mt Vernon Farmers Market. This farmers market was great. There are at least 12 veggies and fruit vendors here. I saw woodworking, jewelry, glass art, jean purses, food, Swedish pancakes, herbs and friendly vendors. We bought corn, a tomato, bell peppers, zucchini, fresh english muffins, cinnamon hazelnut biscotti and a new herb the vendor tells me is like cilantro on steroids. I tried it in my stir fry and fajitas. I like cilantro better. Why? cilantro smell and tastes better. Lesson Learned!

Mukilteo Lighthouse

This lighthouse is only open during the weekend for tours. It was built in 1906. The motto of Carl W. Leick. the architect who designed this lighthouse was, “Build ’em stout and make ‘ em last.” He did.

Mount Vernon Volksmarch

The Mount Vernon Volksmarch is through a residential area with nice views of the Skagit River. There is a 5k/10k/20k walk. We walked the 5k through the town with its unique shops and restaurants. The start box is at the Red Apple Market.

Next, Kevin and I camped at Tall Chief RV Park in Fall City to attend a volksmarching event, a mega geocache ape event 2016, and explore Seattle Washington.

Kevin and Janet Volksmarching Adventures

Bird Spotting

Happy RVing!

Birch Bay Thousand Trails in Washington

Birch Bay Thousand Trails in Washington

We camped at Birch Bay Thousand Trails in Blaine, Washington. While we were camping at Birch Bay Thousand Trails we walked the Blaine Peace Arch Volksmarch. We found the start box at Big Al’s Diner. Then walked to Peace Arch State Park. It was surprising seeing the border so close to us. The Peace Arch is a monument near the Westernmost point of the Canada-United State border. On top of the Peace Arch are the words, “Children of a Common Mother.” Inside the Peace Arch are the words, “May These Gates Never Be Closed.”

Then, we walked to the Blaine Harbor and Marine Dr. The views were lovely. The volksmarch was well organized by NW Tulip Trekkers. Thank You, for a wonderful walk NW Tulip Trekkers.

The next day we attended the Drayton Harbor Days Festival Street Fair & Maritime Celebration in Blaine, Washington. The Harbor Days event had a model ship exhibit, steamboat exhibit and the local artist sold their wares near the marina.

Our big event while camping at Birch Bay Thousand Trails was a volksmarch with the NW Tulip Trekkers. The event was at Lake Padden in Bellingham, WA. I found this group on meetup.com. The lake was a nice place to walk. Kevin and I did the 5k event. The NW Tulip Trekkers were friendly and well-organized.

Thats it for our Blaine Washington adventures.

Next, Kevin and I camped at Mt Vernon Thousand Trails to do some volksmarching, see Mukilteo Lighthouse, Ft Casey and explore the local farmers markets.

Happy Travels!

Kevin and Janet Volksmarching 


Portland Oregon Adventures

Portland Oregon Adventures

Camping at Columbia River RV park in Portland, Oregon

Our first stop is Carver Cafe. The cafe scene in the movie Twilight with Bella and her father was filmed in this cafe. We stopped here for breakfast. The waitress showed us the table Bella and her father sat at. The cafe wasn’t full. I was surprised by that. I found the cafe on the Roadside Attraction App. The breakfast was good.

Our next stop is the Nick Burkhardt & Juliet’s house from the tv show Grimm. Portland is filled with Grimm film locations. We picked this house to satisfy our Grimm fix. Address is 805 NE Prescott St, Portland, OR 97211

Next, we drove to Ft Vancouver. I got 5 National Passport stamps here. Wow! The fort has several buildings on display. We saw a blacksmith giving a demonstration the day we visited. There was a blacksmith shop, carpenter shop, counting house, bakehouse, Dispensary. ¬†I like this quote I found it at the counting house. This man sat for hours inside working at a job he didn’t like while his passion was to be outside.

A quote from Robert Ballantyne the Clerk of York Factory, 1843-1845

“It is needless to describe the agonies I endured while sitting, hour after hour, on a long-legged stool, my limbs quivering for want of their accustomed exercise, while the twittering of birds, barking of dogs, lowing of cows, and neighing of horses seemed to invite me to join them in the woods.”

Next, we drove on the Hwy 14 in Washington near the Colombia River gorge. We visited the Steigerwalk Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Kevin and I added the Purple Martin to our bird life list. The Purple Martin habitat has several hanging nests for the birds to gather. The wildlife refuge was well maintained. The trails looked good. I checked off another visit to a wildlife refuge in my blue goose wildlife refuge book.

Then, over to the Oregon side to see the Bonneville Dam, Bridge of the Gods & Multnomah falls. I saw several Osprey flying around the dam looking for food. We also found a well maintained geocache at the top of the Bonneville Dam Visitor Center.

The Multnomah falls were filled with tourist. We didn’t stay there too long. The Bridge of the Gods was exciting to drive over. Its part of the Pacific Crest Trail and Reese Witherspoon in the movie Wild¬†ended her adventure here.

We went on the Shanghai Underground Tunnel tour. I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the tour. I did, however, learn about the many men that were held in cells and sold to ship captains for labor. The tour guide also told us many ghost stories about the tunnels under Portland. The tour was worth the $14.00 a person we paid.

I have a good friend named Vance that lives in Portland. I met him while I was stationed in Germany with the Army. We had a good visit at Voodoo Donuts in Portland. Oregon.

I like visiting with good friends.

Happy RVing!

Next, Kevin and I are camping at Birch Bay Thousand Trails in Washington to do some volksmarching & visit Harbor Days in Blaine, Washington.

Bird Spotting

  • Purple Martin- new life list bird
  • Osprey
  • Scrub Jay
  • Common Yellowthroat- new life list bird


Mt Rainier & Mount St. Helen in WA

Mt Rainier & Mount St. Helen in WA

“…the most luxuriant and the most extravagantly beautiful of all the alpine gardens I ever beheld in all my mountain-top wanderings.” – John Muir, conservationist, 1889

We camped at Paradise Thousand Trails and drove into Mt Rainier National Park. I found a few fun facts about Mt Rainier. Mt Rainier is considered an active volcano. It last erupted in 1894. The first female to reach to summit was Fay Fuller in 1890. I saw men and women with wilderness hiking gear ready to brave this mountain. Mt Rainier is an impressive sight.


Kevin and I braved the Myrtle Falls Trail. On this trail the Summer wildflowers were blooming. The trees were green. The hikers were friendly. It was a beautiful morning.

The trail to Myrtle Falls is beautiful. The Summer wildflowers were everywhere. I had a good time trying to identify them. This trail made it easier because it has the name and a picture of the flower along the trail.

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument 

I remember hearing about the Mount St. Helens eruption. It shocked me that an active volcano was in America. I’ve since found out that active volcanos are very much in America.


The eruption area

Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980. A 5.1 earthquake marked the start of the eruption. Kevin and I drove to the Johnston Ridge Observatory to better understand what happened here.

Mount St. Helens is another geological wonder for me. My last geological wonder was in Yosemite, California. Half dome and El Capitan are spectacular. Looking at pictures of before and after the blast was an eye opener. The whole North side looks craved in after the eruption.  The miracle is that new growth is all around at Mount St. Helens.

We hiked the Hummocks Trail. The trail is a 2.3 mile loop. It’s a rock and ash-covered trail with a 300-foot elevation change. The trail was filled with Summer flowers & life.

Next, Kevin and I are traveling to Portland, Oregon to explore the underground tunnels, Ft Vancouver, Carver’s Cafe, see Nick Burkhardt’s house from the tv show Grimm and visit my army friend Vance. Thats right I served in the US Army in Germany during the mid 1980’s.

Happy RVing!

Weekly Photo Challenge Fun

Olympia Peninsula in Washington

“I went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out unto sundown; for going out, I found, was really going in.” ¬†John Muir

Our first stop in Washington is Forks. From Forks we saw the Hoh Rain Forest & the town in Stephenie Meyers Twilight series.

The visitor center is a good place to start for Twilight information. The woman behind the front desk explained where all the Twilight stuff was in town. She is fun to talk with about the Twilight series. Why would I visit Forks?

When my daughter was a teenager the Twilight series was just starting. She came home one day and told me to read the first Twilight book in the series. Then, she told me I must go see the movie. I’ve been a fan of Paranormal, Futuristic & Fantasy romance since then.

The Hoh rainforest in Olympic National Park is primeval looking. Moss hangs from the trees. The ground is filled with beautiful green ferns. The forest is drenched in over 12 feet of rain a year. Kevin and I went on the Spruce Nature Trail Hike. It was Saturday so the park & trail was filled with people.

Next, we drove to Hansville to see the No Point lighthouse. This lighthouse is right next to the National Lighthouse Society so we tried to visit with them but they are on a break at this time. We saw the lighthouse and the beautiful bay next to it. I called the National Lighthouse Society and they decided to mail us the stamps for the lighthouse. We attempted a geocache but got a……. no find today. Tomorrow is another day.

Our next Olympic Peninsula adventure is to take the Black Ball Ferry to Vancouver Island and see the Butchart Gardens. The ferry was surprisingly pleasant. The rose garden is our favorite garden. The roses are all in a circle formation with name tags near each rose bush it was beautiful. There are a variety of different gardens here an Italian Garden, Japanese Garden, Sunken Garden, Rose Garden, fountains, Tea Room, Food Area & more. The photos are taken with our iphones.

The harbor area has several large hotels, food area, music & the usual tourist traps. We did find a visual geocache. A visual geocache usual requires you to take a picture or answer a question about something so I took a picture of the statue mention in the visual geocache and answered the questions. We found our first Canadian geocache.

When I heard the jazz music at the harbor I longed to see New Orleans. I would love to relax in a quaint New Orleans cafe and listening to jazz music playing.

The Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park is filled with Summer wildflowers. Our drive & walk at Hurricane Ridge was scenic.

 Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge.

The refuge has several scenic overlooks. I saw horse trails and walking trails here too.

This is our Olympic Peninsula adventure coming to an end. We’re moving onto the Mt Rainier area in Washington.

Happy RVing!



Seaside Beach Volkssporting

Seaside Beach Volkssporting

Seaside Beach Volksmarch

The volksmarch starts at the Seaside Convention Center. During, the walk we passed by the Butterfield Cottage Historical Museum, water treatment plant, Necanicum river & beach front homes in Seaside, Oregon.

We walked along the beach. The Lewis & Clark’s trail ends at the Pacific Ocean. The Salt Works is located along the volksmarch too. I had a nice conversation with a local picking berries along the beach. He picks the berries to make homemade jelly.

Happy Trails!

What is Volkssporting?

Bird Spotting

  • Great Blue Heron
  • Western Seagull
  • Sparrow

Thanks, to the Turnaround Trekkers for organizing this volksmarch.