More on Domicile States

Picking a domicile state was a journey that was exciting and exhausting. Each individual has his or her own reasons for picking a state. Mine are based on finances & ease of becoming a residence. I hope you find a state that will fit your family’s needs. I’m happy with my choice.

Here are some sites I used to pick a domicile state

General Information on Domicile States

Texas Mail information


Florida Mail Information

Good Sam Club

South Dakota Information

Campgrounds in Sioux Falls South Dakota I might try out someday. The fairgrounds are open for boondocking.

I have heard great things about this company in South Dakota. I am so looking forward to seeing these people.


2 thoughts on “More on Domicile States

  1. Saw your blog address on the RV-Dreams forum. We recently became South Dakota residents, and used Alternative Resources. They are great people, and very helpful. We have our plates for our fifth-wheel & truck, and will be in SD by 10/8 to get our drivers license.


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