What am I looking for in a Quality Used RV?

I like these RV company’s & RV’s

  1. Winnebago-Itasca line
  2. Newmar
  3. Monaco-Dynasty
  4. Country Coach-Intrigue,Magna or Infinity

If I had tons of money a Prevost

I’m looking for a Class A diesel pusher-this list is long and getting longer

  •  40 Feet-I’m going fulltime I need the room
  • 2 to 3 slide outs
  • Jake Brakes (engine brakes)
  • air leveler
  • rear camera
  • tag axle
  • good generator
  • 100 gallon fresh water tank
  • 400 horse power or more diesel engine

Floor Plan-I like two sofas facing each other or a sofa & chair facing each other Why? In case we meet new friends. We have room to talk to each other.

 Extra Stuff

  • washer & dryer
  • solar












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