Reason people use to stop my RV Dream

I’m coming up against some opposition to RVing Fulltime. 

 Reasons People have to stop me from Fulltime RVing

1.            “You can’t be a fulltime RVer it’s not fair “My response “Get over it and find a passion”

2.            “You’re on my stuff so I’m not letting you go” How about email or texting if you need help “with your emotional stuff” I will try to help you find someone else to lug it around for you. It’s too heavy for me. Once I get into that RV, “my shields are up” and I leave your emotional baggage behind.

 3. “You’re out if you do this”- We can still keep in touch. Email, Text, Blogging, Phone calls.

4.      “You can’t RV you owe me” My response “well its better to owe you than cheat you out of it.

Leaving will be an adjustment so, that is why I’m giving two years notice instead of two weeks. Now be happy and smile, I have a dream find yours. Be gone opposition. Find Your Passion!!


One thought on “Reason people use to stop my RV Dream

  1. It’s true that many people won’t understand why you want to become full time RVers. Your friends and family may think you’re deserting them, but, as you say, there’s email, cell phones and all the electronic technology that makes them only an instant away. When we started full-timing, we also found that we had time to visit friends we hadn’t seen in years…just drove up and parked in their driveways for a couple of days. We also saw our out-of-state kids and grandkids for longer and more satisfying visits. And, yes, you can leave all the excess baggage behind – there’s no room for it in an RV! 🙂 Congratulations on pursuing your dreams!


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