Gettin rid of the Stuff

My garage is divide into Four piles

  1. Garage Sale Items
  2. Keep for Storage Items
  3. Items the kids might want to keep
  4. Bring on the RV

It’s a relief to have “the stuff” divided up, but the garage sale isn’t until 2014 Spring. I’m a little early. Well it felt good putting everything in a pile. I’m sure it will feel incredible when the only thing left is   4. Bring on the RV pile.


9 thoughts on “Gettin rid of the Stuff

  1. Congratulations on following your dream! It sounds like you have a very good start on making it all happen. By the way, thanks for linking my article on establishing a new state residency to your blog! If you haven’t already seen it, you may also be interested in the one I wrote about downsizing to an RV: Good luck…maybe we’ll see you on the road.


  2. I just finished my first ever garage sale (October 2012). Who ever would have thought that people would pay money for my junk…. I haven’t even started with furniture or furnishings. I just started with things most of which I haven’t used in years. A thought I might $900 dollars for a first yard sale. Get started NOW add…. Get started having garage sales NOW….


  3. lol, I just freaked out…. couldn’t see to correct what I wrote. Made $900 just to clear out stuff so house would show better. Wish I had started sooner.


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