RV Hobbies

RV Hobbies-Here are a few

  1. Scrapbooking                                                                            
  2. Making   Cards
  3. Kayaking                                                                                
  4. Build Bird House/Wood Work
  5. Soap Making                                                                               
  6. Sewing
  7. Rock Shinning                                                                           
  8. Swimming
  9. Snorkeling-Scuba Diving                                                     
  10. Biking
  11. Candle making                                                                           
  12.  Hiking
  13. Fishing                                                                                           
  14. Writing
  15. Bird watching                                                                              
  16. Prospecting/Detecting
  17. Photography                                                                               
  18. Geocaching
  19. Wildlife Spotting                                                                       
  20. Wildlife Photography
  21. Wildlife Journal
  22. Genealogy                                                                                    
  23. Word Games
  24. Puzzling   
  25. Computer                                                                                      
  26. Blogging
  27. Exploring-old towns, back roads,museums,civil war monument, national monument     
  28. Motorcycle,Jeep,Dune Buggy,ATV
  29. Computer                                                                                     
  30. Camping
  31. Reading                                                                         
  32. Jewelry-use rocks u find
  33. Socializing                                                        
  34. Yarn activities Knitting,Loom,Croquet
  35. Beading                                                                                         
  36. Painting
  37. Golf
  38. Bowling                                                                                       
  39. Drawing
  40. Walking 
  41. Running
  42. Boating
  43. Volunteer                                                             
  44. Music-music instruments
  45. Art Journal                                                                                  
  46. Rubber Stamping
  47. Quilting
  48. Board Games-Backgammon, Dominos, Monopoly
  49. Scenic Drives

What is the best hobby for an RVer? I’m still researching what would be a good RV hobby for me.

What hobby do you like?


9 thoughts on “RV Hobbies

  1. We love exploring back roads in our Jeep. Along the way, we’ve become interested in rock collecting the way so many RVers do. That often evolves into hunting for fossils or making jewelry from rocks. My husband likes to pan for gold occasionally – never actually found any, though!


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  3. I’m almost ready to take the big plunge into full time RVing although I’ve never done it before but I wouldn’t go anywhere without my stash of card making goodies. I love to make cards for ‘Operation Write Home’ and so now I’ll need to figure out what best to take. Thanks for the article.


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