Is the RV show in Pomona worth the drive!

Kevin and I had a great time at the RV show in Pomona. We found some good information.

In the RV Factory Showcase tent (or the Seminar Tent)

We saw -Comprehensive Guide to RV Dump stations. He had tons of information that was helpful. Here are a few of the things we learned. Remember we are beginners

1. Don’t stand in any water by the dumpstation-You don’t know what you are stepping into

2. Use disposable gloves

Also, we saw some of the RV Basic Training LLC program What a great program it sounds like it will be worth the money.  He comes to your home and trains you on your motorhome.  When we buy a motorhome.

The Mac &Cheese Comedy Cooking Show was funny and the food was good. :)Its in the entertainment tent.  I bought the cook book. Its 15.00 at the show.

I’m going to experiment with it. 🙂

We looked at many motorhomes.

We decided The RV Show in Pomona was well worth the drive for us.


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