Is this really what I want?

I’m having doubts about fulltime RVing. How about you?

I wonder is fulltime RVing really, what I want for my retirement years?

Is my adult daughter comfortable with her parents traveling? Is she ready?

Just how cold can an RV get in the winter? I’m from Southern California.

Can I really plan a RV trip with boondocking sites? Or will I be stuck with a huge campground bill?

Am I friendly enough to make RV friends?

Am I going to buy a mechanical mess?   Or a good used class A Diesel Motorhome?

Will I have enough to do?? Develop enough hobbies?

These doubts keep creeping up trying to overwhelm me. I love to travel so seeing the USA in a motorhome with my husband is a dream I look forward to.

Seeing wildlife, trees, streams, lakes, making new friends.

These doubts can’t get the better of me. I must move forwards to the unknown towards new experiences.

What doubts do you have about fulltime RVing lifestyle?


2 thoughts on “Is this really what I want?

  1. Yesterday I went on an outing for the day (in snow and ice) to view eagles hunting for a salmon meal. When I got behind the wheel of the car the old familiar excitement returned. The hunt for a new adventure, the freedom to roam and experience all that life has to offer. I can’t wait to be on the road full time. You said it best in you opening quote “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Don’t let your fears overwhelm you!


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