Santa Rosa Plateau in January

I was getting overwhelmed trying to find a trail we could enjoy without hurting ourselves.

The visitor center was well worth the stop.

The gentleman at the desk immediately saw us coming. He brought out a map and helped us plot out a walk.

It’s called Waterline Rd then back on Vista Grande Trail its just our kind of walk.

Santa Rosa Plateau 001 (225x300)

This time of year the beautiful plant life is brown but the trees, animals & spacious surroundings didn’t disappoint us.

Santa Rosa Plateau 002 (300x225)

We saw baby rabbits and well-fed squirrels. Also,some interesting paw prints on the trail.

005 (300x211)

What look like Claw marks on the trail? Maybe???

006 (224x300)

Also, along the trail is a stream but in January the water level is low so we didn’t see any turtles or fairy shrimp this time ….maybe in the Spring.

We had a great walk and enjoyed the scenery. If you are in the area check out the plateau. Here is a map



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