The Budget Scrutinized

My future RV retirement budget was checked and rechecked by the people on the early retirement message board site.


These guys and gals found things I didn’t see.

I thought I had everything accounted for.


I was happy a few RVer’s frequented the site so I had an RVer perspective of my budget.

It was worth every minute of feeling vulnerable on the web. Everyone could see my budget. I was even told I didn’t spend enough on grooming..(I put makeup and skin care in groceries..sorry guys)


For a moment my future RV retirement flashed before my eyes and crashed. I missed federal tax on my budget…..I was so scared I didn’t have enough money to cover RV retirement expenses.

The Hindenberg

The Hindenburg

Then I dusted off my budget, put on my big girl panties and made some changes in my budget.


Were still on target for RV retirement.


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