Paying Down Our Debt in 2013

Paying down our debt in 2013

We are paying down our debt slowly but our instant gratification problem is sneaking up on us. I must remember what Thomas Jefferson said.

and if you do have it save it

and if you do have it save it

For two weeks, restaurant spending is ridiculous-Groceries… not too bad

Groceries $330.31 – three people for two weeks…I budget $300.00.. so I am over by $30.31

 Restaurants-$222.52 …I budget $100.00 for one month …We have to rein in the out of control spending…or no Retirement RV…Too many lunches out with the hubby and a few romantic dinners 🙂 and our budget is over.

I have three two credit cards to pay down in 2013. One down two to go

Got to pay these down

Got to pay these down

I must keep the spending down or our future retirement RV is in jeopardy.

No more going out to restaurants til next payday… the Shaw’s are back to cooking at home and using frugal ideas at the grocery store.


  1.  I am going to start bringing my calculator to the grocery store again. Its time-consuming but worth it.      🙂
  2. Make a list and stick to it..    🙂
  3. Sales are my friend…:)

If you have any frugal ideas for the grocery store or restaurants I would like to hear from you.


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