Paying down the bills Early March 2013

The Grocery Bill…….. All was going well until ….COSTCO

Costco-Exercise in Control

Costco-Exercise in Control

I  love COSTCO but we tend to have a …stock up the house with food mentality when we enter the door.

My favorite vitamins (Mega Red & Liquid  CoQ10)are at Costco but entering the door is a struggle in control.

Why can I be like Yoda? Master of Control

Why can I be like Yoda?
Master of Control

Groceries for Two Weeks three adults.. that includes anything I put in my mouth,vitamins,hair products,paper products, alcohol plus cleaning stuff

Groceries before costco-$221.34

Groceries after costco-$438.08

My budget is $300.00 every two weeks I am over by–$138.08 Better: grab vitamin at Costco then run for the check out.

Since I use to spend $500.00 every two weeks on groceries… It’s not so bad.

The Restaurant Bill is $164.43 my budget was $100.00 a month.


Changes:  adjusted restaurant budget from $100.00 a month to $100.00 every two weeks. Even with the changes I’m over by $63.43

Kevin at Yes Concert

Kevin at Yes Concert

We attended a Yes concert at Pechanga Casino and went to Kelsey for dinner this cost $53.32…Great dinner but put me over…Better: Eat before we go to the concert


Princess (our 19yr old daughter) ate dinner with us, she usually has dinner with friends or Prince Charming(her boyfriend) ….. pizza $35.00 … put me over but loved the time Princess spent with us. Better: make dinner together & play cards

 Operation pay down the bills 2013 is on target. Were learning & adjusting.  🙂



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