Dutch Oven for Birthday Gift?

My birthday is next week. The big 49 is approaching.

I’m considering buying a small 2 quart dutch oven.

Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven

If I buy a dutch oven then I have to buy a lid handle, dutch oven bag, tongs etc.

Is it worth the cost? $41.94 plus tax

For just the oven



6 thoughts on “Dutch Oven for Birthday Gift?

  1. We use our Dutch oven when we are camping locally where we have a huge supply of wood available from home. We don’t usually use it on the road. Keep in mind weight is a big factor for fulltimers – everything is a consideration.


  2. I would wait until you’re out there on the road. Depending on where you travel, it’s not uncommon for campfires to be banned. Most of last summer in the state of Colorado, no campfires or charcoal grills were allowed in campgrounds due to drought and high fire danger. Other western states had similar bans. Weight and space is also a serious consideration. Splurge on a pair of outdoor shoes like Merrills, Keens, or Tevas. Have a wonderful birthday 🙂


  3. I must say I am with Ingrid on this one. I wouldn’t buy anything for the road til you are on the road and know what you really find you need and have room for. You will be shocked at how much you will get rid of after a year on the road. Yes, use the money for hiking shoes and clothes!!


    • Your replies have brought me down to earth and helped me realize… Kevin and I are saving money for an RV. That is the main priority not filling the future RV up with stuff I might not need. Hiking shoes and clothes I can wear while camping is practical. I like it 🙂 Thanks for your RV wisdom 🙂


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