Letting go of the stuff

My garage is starting to look empty.

Clearing out all the old stuff has been so liberating.

By late 2014 I should be able to fit everything into storage. 🙂

I volunteer at a senior activity center. All the stuff is going to help buy new stuff for the center. 🙂

The Stuff

The Stuff

I have tape out the size of my future storage area so I can see how much I can fit into it. Not Much

How much can I fit?

How much can I fit?

This u tube video says it all about “stuff”


5 thoughts on “Letting go of the stuff

  1. It really is liberating to let go of the stuff. When we sold our home in Sedona, AZ, the couple who bought it wanted everything inside as well. We had to learn to let go pretty quickly. 🙂


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