Traveling by Theme

I  read an article in Escapee RV May/June 2013 magazine called

Pacing Your RV travels by Emily Fagan

The article mentioned having a theme to travel by

Like seeing all the

National Parks in America
National Monuments
Civil War Battlefield in the South
Sampling farmers markets
Bird watching
Visiting historic sites
Walking or Hiking Trails
Car Shows

The list is endless…..

For me the first year of travel might be National Parks,National Monuments & Lighthouses in the West. ?????

I’m excited to buy an RV and travel around the US.        Late 2014 get here quickly


Hope to see you all soon!



4 thoughts on “Traveling by Theme

  1. One of the first goals I would have if going full time is to go back to Alaska..We were there in 2002 for one month, but without a camper…It would take at least 4-5 months to see even a portion of it with an RV….


  2. Where ever you go or what ever you do when you finally leave, make sure you stay at each location long enough to play tourist but also to have days to just live and relax. If you start too fast, you will definitely burn out. We stay at least a week to 10 days. Many times we stay a month. It helps remind you that you are living not taking a whirlwind trip to see the country. It will take many years to see everything. This truly is a marvelous country.


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