MapMyWalk App

Update: When I started using this app it was free. Now,  it costs to download the app.

I found the MapMyWalk App.


  • This app has help me track how far I walk everyday.
  • It keeps track of the time I walk.
  • It even encourages me to walk more after one mile.


  • It has commercials for Walgreen
  • You must pay for advanced upgrades called Go MVP!

How can this help with RVing?

  • In the future, when I’m at a new campground MapMyWalk might come in handy to track how far I’m walking & where I’m walking. Why?
  • I don’t want to get lost  
  • Not walk enough.
Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

I don’t want to become unhealthy while traveling on the road.
Keeping active is important for my body & mind.

A Healthy RVer is a Happy RVer!


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