Birdwatching in Murrieta, Calif.

Kevin & I have spotted a few birds in Murrieta, Calif this week.
Kevin is using the Peterson bird App.

Peterson bird app has birdcalls recorded. Kevin can play the birdcalls and a bird calls back to us.

The Black Phoebe loves to chirp back at us. His habitat is wooded streams and canyons, farms and suburbs near water. I live next to a wooded area with water near our home.

Black Phoebe

Black Phoebe

I also saw an American Robin sitting on our fence.

American Robin

American Robin

Then while walking I spotting male & female 
Western Bluebirds.

Male Western Bluebird

Male Western Bluebird

  • The hummingbirds that travel to our feeder are so fast their identification has been a challenge. I refilled the feeder with 1-cup sugar with 4 cups water and boiled the water for 1-2 minutes. Let it cool and then placed some in the feeder and stored the rest in the refrigerator for later. 

   Overall, it has been a good bird watching week in Murrieta, Calif.


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