San Diego Zoo,Seaport Village & USS Midway

The San Diego Zoo opened the Australian Outback area May 24.

Kevin,Katie & I had a great time.

The zoo is a place every age can enjoy.

Australia Outback Opening Day

Australia Outback Opening Day

Polar Bear Plunge

Polar Bear Plunge

After, the zoo we drove to Seaport Village & had lunch at the Pier Cafe.

san diegozooseaport 042san diegozooseaport 045

Kevin & Katie

Kevin & Katie

Then, we walked until we saw the USS Midway

san diegozooseaport 048san diegozooseaport 047 san diegozooseaport 051

san diegozooseaport 054san diegozooseaport 046

Bob Hope Visiting the Troops

Bob Hope Visiting the Troops

Places to visit in San Diego

  • The Zoo
  • Seaport Village
  • USS Midway

5 thoughts on “San Diego Zoo,Seaport Village & USS Midway

  1. My son and I visited San Diego last September and loved it. Our schedule did not allow us the time to tour the USS Midway but just standing on the dock and viewing it’s massive size was great. I look forward to a return visit 🙂


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