Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
12600 North Torrey Pines Road, San Diego, Calif 92037

The park is for day use only.
Cost: $15.00 Fri-Sun and Holidays
$10.00 Mon-Thurs

This state natural reserve is located on the beach. It’s home to our nations rarest pine tree Pinus torreyana which grows here and on Santa Rosa Island off the coast near Santa Barbara.

Guy Fleming Trail: 2/3 mile loop Easiest trail -park near the trail & walk the loop
Parry Grove Trail: 1/2 mile loop secluded, steep entry/exit (100 steps)
Razor Point Trail: 1/2 mile to overlook
Beach Trail: 3/4 mile to Flat Rock-park at the South parking lot that way you end at the parking lot.  Walking up the hill after the trail (not fun)
High Point Trail: 100 yards with steps-views of reserve, ocean, lagoon, inland
Broken Hill Trail: Longest Trail combine this trail with razor point and beach trail for a 3-mile loop
Yucca Point Trail: accessed from either the beach trail or razor point trail

The coastal bluffs are changing constantly. Wind and water carve channels in the soft sandstone which eventually breaks off into the beach. Beware of the sandstone it could fall while you hike the beach trail.

If you park at the South parking lot you have a walk up a hill. The visitor center has parking on top of the hill. Food and drink (other than water) are not permitted in the reserve. Bathrooms available in the south parking lot.

Visitor Center: hours are daily 9-6 during summer and 10-4 during spring, fall & winter. Guided nature walks 10am and 2 pm.

Things to do

  • Bird watching
  • Wildlife Spotting
  • Wildflower
  • Hiking
  • Family Beach Time
  • Swimming

Would I go here again? Yes, the panoramic views of the ocean, bird watching & friendly knowledgable staff. ***** 5 stars for this Natural Reserve

Beach Trail

Torrey Pines Preserve 004Torrey Pines Preserve 011 beachwalk


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