Is workamping for me?

 That’s right! I’m looking into workamping.
Workamping-Working while living in my RV
I was surprised by the variety & amount of jobs available.

As I learn more about workamping I’ll updating this list.

Amusement parks
Lighthouse host
Camp host
Picking fruit or farm work
Christmas Tree Selling
Wildlife Refuges-visitor service & maintenance
Fish Hatcheries
Tree Farms
National Parks- customer service & camp host

Many position offer hook ups some offer a salary and hook ups.
What to Choose?

What to do?

What to do?

Gate Guarding in South Texas offers a salary, sometimes generator, non-potable water and black water pump outs depending on the company.
I could use the money.

Gate Keeper?

Gate Keeper?

Since we have a daughter in college & and some debt to pay down.
Gate Guarding might be a good option for us to try.


  • Heat!
  • Dust!
  • Mud!
  • 24/7-one person must be at the gate!
  • Did I mention snakes?


  • Gate Guards sound like great people
  • Good Pay!
  • Birds & Wildlife!
  • No Campsite Fees
  • No Gas Fees!
  • Plenty of reading time

My quest for RV adventure & workamping is just starting. What to choose?


7 thoughts on “Is workamping for me?

  1. Hi,
    Susan here. Thanks for the shout out and for following our blog!

    We did gate guarding for two months in 2012 (May-June), so that’s where you’ll find it in my blog. That was enough for us.

    Now we are in San Antonio working for a while: Bob as an accountant and I’m doing temporary work. Two days per week, I help in the RV park office taking reservations, checking in guests, doing gift shop sales, opening, closing and dusting. My background is in the hospitality industry, so I love what I’m doing. For five days this past week Snelling found me a job doing exhibitor registration for a very large convention in San Antonio.

    After we save up enough money to move on (we figure one to two years), we plan to tour the East Coast over a couple of summers, maybe winter in south Texas or ????

    Your blog is great. I see you like birds. If you haven’t seen the movie, “The Big Year” yet, I highly recommend it. It’s about a competition held each year to see who can spot the most bird species.I It stars Steve Martin, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Brian Dennehey, and Anjelica Houston. We loved it.

    See ya back at my blog. Good luck on your workamping! It’s fun. By the way, workamping can also be signing up with nationwide temporary agencies, then they can find you temp jobs in any number of big cities (of course it helps if you’re staying in that city for a couple of months!). I am signed up with Snelling, Adecco and Robert Half Office Team.



  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am quite impressed with your blog and looking forward to finding out more. Please keep us updated on the work camping. I don’t know what gate guards are but I am eager to find out. It sounds really cool though.


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