4th of July at USS Midway

4th of July at the USS Midway in San Diego, Calif

My grandfather served on the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga during WW II. His ship was made into scrape metal on 1 Sept 1975. But another aircraft carrier the USS Midway is still here and in San Diego, Calif. It’s not a cheap day trip but its something that was on my list of things to see. Thankfully, Kevin’s parents (Full time RVer’s for many years) were in town. Seeing an aircraft carrier with a genuine Navy sailor is the way to go. Kevin’s parents met us at the USS Midway and toured the ship with us. Don (Kevin’s dad) had many intriguing things to tell us about the ship & life on board an aircraft carrier. In fact, I stopped listening to my audio tour because Don was so much more interesting than the audio tour.

midway 020

This plane was on the flight deck of the USS Midway along with several other planes.

midway 018

A few volunteers were available  for questions & presentations on the workings of a aircraft carrier.

Kevin's Parent-Don & JoAnn with Kevin

Kevin’s Parent-Don & JoAnn with Kevin

midway 010

Working Knots At Sea

midway 015 jail

Kevin & I in the USS Midway Brigg

midway 009 (9

USS Midway Anchor

midway 006

Kevin in the enlisted men’s quarters.

After the USS Midway tour we walked to Seaport Village and had a nice Mexican lunch outside. I’ll post more fact & opinion information about the USS Midway on our “Day Fun” Page


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