Palomar State Park Camping

Palomar State Park in San Diego County, California
Day Use Cost: $8.00 self pay if employee isn’t available

In the campground area some picnic tables,fire pits and water available

IMG_1001 IMG_0999
Good Tent campground, van dwellers or small RV’s up to 27ft in length the road going to the park is winding & narrow

There are several hiking trails at Palomar State Park. Kevin and I chose the Doane Valley Nature Trail. It’s a moderately strenuous 1-mile trail with lots of greenery and fresh mountain air. It starts at the Doane Valley Parking lot and ends at the Palomar State Park campground. At the end of the hike turn to the right the road leads into the parking lot. If you are interested in a longer hike along the trail are several opportunity to hike further.

Bathooms by Cedar Trail/Doane Trail

Bathooms by Cedar Trail/Doane Trail

Bathrooms: Yes, in picnic area and Cedar/Doane trail parking lot

Parking Lot for trails

Parking Lot for trails

According to San Diego Audubon society Doane Creek Trail is the best spot for birding in Palomar Mountain State Park.

Clean Trail: ****4 stars
Green trees or meadows along both sides of the trail. The trail was clean and easy to follow with markers along the way. A brochure with flora description is offered for 25 cents at the beginning of the trail.(if available)

Good Birding:****4 stars

Steller’s Jays hopping in the campground in August
Acorn Woodpeckers swarming the trees on the trail in August
Mountain Chickadee’s playing in the trees
Many birds to identify

Would I come back again? Yes, I’m looking forward to trying the Doane Creek Trail next time. 🙂

Happy Trails & Good Birding!

Some birds to look for
Western Wood Pewee
Pacific-slope Flycatcher
Lawrence’s Goldfinch-Rare
Red-Breasted Nuthatch-Rare
Violet-green Swallow
Ash-throated Flycatcher
Black-headed Grosbeak
Mountain Chickadee
American Robin
Steller’s Jay
Acorn Woodpecker


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