Pinyon Flats & Hurkey Creek Campgrounds

If you like desert tent camping Pinyon Flats Campground might be the place for you.

Pinyon Flats Campground View

Pinyon Flats Campground View

Pinyon Flats Bathroom

Pinyon Flats Bathroom

Small Camping Site

Small Camping Site

The road to the campground is dirt and not always smooth. But the mountain view is great.  Reminder: desert temperatures in the Summer! Pay: envelope at the front of the campground

What to do there?

  • Mountain View
  • Bird Watching-Western Scrub Jay’s
  • Star Gazing
  • Hiking is close by


  • Picnic Tables
  • Fire Pits
  • Bathroom
  • No Internet connection

Drive down to Lake Hemet for fishing. Would I stay here? No, we plan on buying an RV too big for this campground. But if I was into tent camping. Yes, when the weather is cooler.

On the road to the campground an artist displays some of his work, so keep an eye out for metal sculptures of horses, snakes & Indians etc. To see more metal sculptures head out to Borrego Springs, California or buy A Road guide to the Borrego Springs Metal Sculptures its $4.99 for the book

Camping Site at Pinyon Flats Campground
Camping Site at Pinyon Flats Campground

About 20 minutes from Pinyon Flats Campground is Hurkey Creek Campground – here we looked for the White Headed Woodpecker  No Pictures Sorry

Cost: Camping: RV Camper’s $20.00 a night & Tent Campers 
Day Use
: Adults-$3.00 Child-$2.00 Dogs-$1.00 each


  • No hookups
  • Small Bathrooms w/pay showers
  • Water: community water spouts-sharing is caring
  • No Internet Connection

My Thoughts:

  • Weekend-Lots of kids & families
  • Great Forest Atmosphere-beautiful green trees
  • Fresh Air-thought I had gone to heaven
  • Friendly Staff-the volunteer was knowledgeable about the campground and the local birds
  • Camping sites are close together

Would I stay here?  Yes, the forest atmosphere did it for me


3 thoughts on “Pinyon Flats & Hurkey Creek Campgrounds

  1. i used to be like Bluebird Annie until I discovered that RVing is not camping. I don’t do tents and I love having my own bathroom, sleeping in my own bed every night. Haven’t been up to that area yet – someday.


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