Boomerang Kids

The Big Move


Our RV retirement date is January 2015 or sooner depending on the kids.

January 2015 or sooner

January 2015 or sooner

We have two of our adult kids in need of job training.

Kevin & I have opened our home to them. One is 28 & interested in CNA(certified nursing assistant training) plus home health care aide training she’s motivated.

The other is 27 he is diligently researching his options. Security Guard? Home Health Care Aide? or ???

My non boomerang kid is 20 years old and is enrolled in Phebodyomy, CNA & EKG Training at Kaplan University with a dream to become a RN nurse someday.

What to do?

What does this all mean?

What does this mean?

  • A change in our budget?
  • Fear/Scary-any savings we have might be gone?
  • Can we live together like the Brady bunch? Am I Carol Brady material again?
  • change2_zps3f5bd3de

We are hoping our boomerang kids get training & move out within a few months. It’s always an adjustment to move adult kids into the home. I have found several web sites with helpful information.

Why so Many Adults still live with their parents
My Adult Children
Washington Post


4 thoughts on “Boomerang Kids

  1. I’m not sure if our kids would qualify as boomerang or not. They live in our house and pay “some” rent but not enough to cover the house payment. It definitely puts a crimp in our lives but we’ve learned to RV around it. They both have jobs but don’t get paid a whole lot. Hopefully some day that will change.


    • Boomerang kids have moved out of their parents home then decided to move back in for whatever reason. Our boomerang kids won’t make much but a local room is about $500 a month rent in our area of Southern California. Our boomerang kids should be able to afford their own room in a home for $500 a month or rent a apartment together. The adventure of being independent in an apartment or room away from the parents is a experience 20’s somethings everywhere like to experience.
      I’m glad you have your RV to get away for awhile together. We are unable to afford an RV and maintain a house. I hope things change for you someday. (and us) lol


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