The RV show is coming to town!

The California RV show in Pomona, California starts Oct 11-Oct 20.
I’m so excited. It’s finally here.

jumpinghappyLast year we learned about

  • RV driving classes
  • cooking with a dutch oven 
  • dump stations
  • different RV floor plans
  • different sizes of RV’s
  • different types of RV’s

I already have my RV seminars picked out for this year navigating with GPS & RV buyers seminar.

I wish I could go to more seminars like the National Park Showcase, traveling with pets, Microsoft street & trip maps.  I only have one free day to attend the RV show. I’ve looked forward to this RV show all year.  🙂 Thank Heavens it’s finally here.


2 thoughts on “The RV show is coming to town!

    • All of a sudden Kevin has to work Friday so I’m not sure what day we are going. You are so right it’s worth the drive to see all those rigs waiting for us to run through. It’s like Christmas/Easter/New Year/Fourth of July came early.

      This is our second RV show at Pomona the first one had good information so I’m looking forward to this one. 🙂


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