Our Jeep Ride

Main Divide Road

Lake Elsinore, California in Riverside County

The Trail:


;ake elsride 005;ake elsride 012

Radio Towers
Radio Towers
Snow on ground
Snow on ground
Lake Elsinore View
Lake Elsinore View
Janet on jeep ride
                                                   Janet on jeep ride
I learned some things on this trail. A motorcycler gave us the piece sign. I had no idea these symbols ment something in the Off Road language. I thought he just liked us. lol

Two Motorcycle's Coming
Two Motorcycle’s Coming
One Motorcycle Coming
One Motorcycle Coming
No More Motorcycle's coming
No More Motorcycle’s coming

I was thankful for the heads up.

Good Jeeping!

My Jeeping Trail Info: https://seizethedayrvadventure.com/jeeping/main-divide-road-lake-elsinore-califonria/



6 thoughts on “Our Jeep Ride

  1. We had a motorcycle for eleven years and never saw that but then again it was a big Harley not an off road type bike. Good idea!

    Glad you are enjoying the Jeep. We sold our bike last year while in Bakersfield. We tired of all the hassle with our trailer. So we bought a Jeep. What a wonderful decision! We had so much fun in Sedona and Anza Borrego. We would never have seen some of the things without an off road vehicle.


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