Learning a new Camera


Our new camera is a challenge but I’m loving it.  These are my first pictures. This White-crowned sparrow and the squirrel in my backyard. The squirrel looks like he is stalking the white-crowned sparrow.

2caltowhThe California Towhee in our backyard in a daily thing. 🙂

dove.jpg2The Mourning Dove’s usually come in pairs in my backyard.


Black Phoebe’s like to show up in our backyard.


14 thoughts on “Learning a new Camera

  1. Best of luck with the new camera! My big step a few years back was to a Canon Rebel XTi, and i have loved it ever since. Your first effort was great, too! 😉 I frequent the Digital Photography School website myself and have learned a lot over the years there… for free. Enjoy!


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