Granite Loop at Santa Rosa Plateau

Granite Loop hike at Santa Rosa Plateau
Wildomar, California in Riverside County

Kevin and I hiked the Granite Loop at our local wildlife ecological preserve. It’s about a 3 miles hike. We tried out our new camera.

This Dark-eyed Junco was at the picnic area on Granite Loop.


Red-shouldered Hawk sat in a tree next to us. Why? He was looking at a squirrel before we disturbed him.333


The Crow has a round tail. The Raven has a pointed tail. I leaned this from Cornell Ornithology Webinars on Crows. Cost $10.00 each

We saw many Acorn Woodpecker’s at Santa Rosa Plateau today.acornwoopecker2


Yellow-throated Warbler hiding in the trees.yellow-throated warbler

Wildlife Spotting:

Dark-eyed Junco
Yellow-throated Warbler
Red-shouldered Hawk
Acorn Woodpecker
White-breasted Nuthatch – took quick for a picture

Good Birding!



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