Monday Update

Budget Update

Our debt is going down. Were still on our way to buying an RV.

2013 Setbacks

  • Car repair bills too high-so we had to buy a new vehicle. We invested in our toad vehicle a Jeep Wrangler How?    Half we saved /Half from my inheritance. The Jeep is paid off.


How I saved money this week?

  • I kept my grocery bill within budget
  • I split my meals with Kevin at restaurants

Budget Goals for the month

  • keep splitting meals  Why? its good for our weight and our budget
  • keep grocery bill within budget
  • stay diligent paying down the debt

In a perfect world we would be debt free in 8 months. That doesn’t count school tuition for our daughter. 🙂

Positive for 2014

  • I have enough inheritance left over for a down payment on an RV. Kevin and I aren’t sure we want to pay both a house payment and an RV payment so we are waiting to buy the RV. January 2015 looks like a good time to buy the RV

keep-calm-and-fingers-crossed-16Happy Budgeting!



3 thoughts on “Monday Update

  1. Good deal….sticking with it is the hardest part! I’m going to try to be more conscience of my grocery spending….are prices going up or what!!!! Nice blog….new follower and thanks for following mine! cozygirl


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