Monday Update-LVN School

Our daughter enrolled in LVN school so we have 18 months until RV retirement. It’s so exciting. This program works perfect for our timetable. Our daughter’s work has already said they would hire her when she finished LVN school. There is nothing to stop us now.

jumpinghappySomeone slap me everything’s going perfect right now 🙂


To the future!


8 thoughts on “Monday Update-LVN School

    • I picked the T5i because its new and it has the newest video equipment. Also, I like the pictures I get from the T5i. I bought it as a package deal with several lenses.

      It’s a challenge to learn. I’m enjoying photography as a hobby. Thanks


  1. Congrats to both of you! It is such an awesome feeling to know when you will be able to actually hit the road. We planned for eight years while waiting for that magic year that I could finally retire.


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