Palomar State Park

Day Trip: Birdwatching & Hiking in March 2014

Kevin and I spent the day at Palomar State Park in Southern California


Our Nature Trail


Doane Trail
IMG_0951Nice Big Healthy Trees on the trail

IMG_0954Kevin looking for birds

profilepictureThe trail had a few creeks. In order to get across we had to jump rocks so bring your rock jumping shoes with you.

Bird Watching: 


American Robin


American Robin


Dark eyed Junco


Western Bluebird


Western Bluebird


Steller’s Jay


Deer by Cedar Trail

IMG_1002Place to park for trails


Pond at the Beginning of Cedar Trail


Happy Travels!

Wildlife Spotting:

Deer – picture above
Stellar Jay – picture above
Spotted Towhee
Western Bluebird – picture above
Mountain Chickadee
Red Tailed Hawk
American Robin – picture above

The park is good for tent camping, vans dwellers & very small RV’s under 27ft, for my August 2013 Review – click here


8 thoughts on “Palomar State Park

  1. Nice bird pics! We used to go there when we were stationed at Camp Pendleton. We mostly went in the “winter” to get our fix for snow up by the observatory. Now, I have no desire for snow but would like to get back to that area as we loved living there.


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