Lizard Doing Push Ups!

Western Fence Lizard

 He did push ups for us. lol

naturelizardFun Facts:

  • These lizards are commonly seen sunning on paths, rocks, and fence posts, and other high places.
  • The western fence lizard eats spiders and insects.

lizard3Enjoy Nature!

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34 thoughts on “Lizard Doing Push Ups!

  1. Great images! When I have seen lizards like this doing pushups, I always thought it was a defensive move but I think I read somewhere that they are showing off their blue bellies for females. 🙂


  2. my son loves reptiles and we’ve had a few lizards and snakes living here with us… loved seeing this fellow b/c he reminded me of him. thanks for sharing at 1440! hope you’ll be back again this week!


  3. Thanks for dropping by my morethanreading blog – and I am happy to have found your blog – love the title! Great expression: seize the day… I’ll look forward to following your travels… Coral


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