Inflammation Pain! Yikes!

I have felt a pain in my Left side Sternum for a while now. I got tired of it and went to the doctor.  My Doctor’s diagnoses is Coctochondritis inflammation of the cartilage of one or more ribs, most commonly the second or third ribs.

My doctor said it should be gone in 7-10 days but I need to be careful in the future. Reading medical information on the internet is very scary so I stopped and just listened to my doctor. 

Reading Medical Information on the Internet

Me -Reading Medical Information on the Internet

How did it happen?

  • Could be my workout is too much. I workout with the Leslie Sansone Walk Away Your Waistline! DVD and a walk at night with Kevin & our Yorkie Joey.
  • or I stick my elbows out too much when I look through my birdwatching binoculars?
  • or My new camera is too heavy for my 49 1/2 year old arms to hold up? 😦


Fitness quotes57


I’m taking the pain medication the Doctor gave me and resting. I hope I don’t gain anymore weight. I worked very hard to maintain an acceptable healthy weight. I’m very determined to keep it down.   Rest & Relaxation for me!

 Happy Resting!



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