Cruising on the Imagination

Sunday: Kevin and I went aboard the Carnival cruise ship Imagination for 4 days. We boarded at Long Beach, California. This shot is aboard the ship looking at Long Beach, CA.

Long Beach

Long Beach

Monday: The first stop was Catalina Island. We wanted to relax so we stopped for a coffee before the golf cart ride. It was just what we needed after rushing around getting to the island. It was $40.00 per hour for a golf cart but since it was my birthday so we got an 1/2 hour extra on the cart free. We were given a map to follow and signs along the way to guide us.
















This picture is from along the scenic route on the golf cart ride.


The Harbor & Casino at Catalina Island.


Harbor & Casino

Pet Cemetery – Whenever I see a pet cemetery my first thought is Stephen King’s book The Pet Cemetery but then I see it’s about people loving their pets.


 Nothing Spooky Here



We got back on board in time for a drink and a soak in the Jacuzzi before dinner and a show. Life aboard a cruise ship

IMG_1755 IMG_1751

Next is Ensenada, Mexico

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Happy Travels!


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