Colonoscopy Time

I turned 50 last month so I had my colonoscopy done.
Happy Birthday 1964!

The Prep: I tried the Trilyte I threw it all up. Not Fun! So, the doctor rescheduled my colonoscopy. I asked for a milder prep this time.

Second Prep: My next prep was Suprep this had less liquid and tasted just as bad but I drank it down. The water used with the Suprep seemed to help me keep it down.

The Nurse: While I waited for my colonoscopy, I looked at the little nurse that started my IV and wrote my history down. I realize my little girl could do that. She could work in one of these offices after LVN school. 🙂 That cheered me right up. lol

The Results: I have a cleaned out colon with no polyps. Thank God, for this test and the doctors and nurses that work hard administering these tests.

If you haven’t done your test ..Get it Done!

Happy Results!





9 thoughts on “Colonoscopy Time

  1. Great post! Yes it is very important to be screened for colon cancer. In my case I have been doing regular occult blood screens every two years since age 50. If you have no risk factors (such as certain ethnic groups) and no family history for colon cancer, a simple occult blood screen is just as likely to catch colon cancer early enough to cure and does not have the risks and discomforts of a colonoscopy. Whether one is a good candidate for this less invasive screening procedure depends on a variety of circumstances and is better decided by your doctor. Whether occult blood screening or the full colonoscopy, such screening is indeed lifesaving. My husband has high genetic risk and in his case they found and removed three precancerous polyps at his first colonoscopy.


  2. My husband threw up most of his too, but he got enough he was cleaned out. He gets one every 3 years and has had polyps removed every time!


  3. Ugh! I hate colonoscopies–or rather, the prep. I’m not even 50 and I’ve had at least 4 of them (I have celiac disease, and colon cancer runs in the family). And I get migraines during the prep, too! Fortunately (or unfortunately) I’m hypoglycemic, so I’m usually one of the first ones in. I’m so glad yours turned out okay!


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