The RV Hunt in Fountain Valley, CA

RV hunting in California

 This weekend we looked in Fountain Valley, California.

used the iphone today

Kevin testing the couches comfort levels. How comfortable is this couch?

The financing was perfect. The price was right under $100,000 out the door. One thing was wrong the quality wasn’t right so we left the frustrated salesmen and did some sightseeing along the ocean.

The RV didn’t say “Home” to me. I’m going to live in the RV fulltime. It’s got to say “Home” not temporary dwelling that could fall apart soon. (tape was falling off the walls)  😦  You get what you pay for! I hope there are lots of workamping jobs out there. 🙂


Kevin and I are heading to Dallas, Texas to visit family & attend our niece’s graduation in a few weeks. Were going to look at RV’s there maybe one will say “home” to me.

I’m going to need the “home factor” to buy our retirement RV. I’ve seen it before in an RV but the financing wasn’t right. I’ve got to find it again.

Happy RV Hunting!



8 thoughts on “The RV Hunt in Fountain Valley, CA

  1. Good luck hunting. It took me seven years to find what I was looking for and money wasn’t really an issue. I left the huge RV show in Harrisburg year after year not finding our home for the future. Thank goodness I found it the year before we were retiring, the price was better than we anticipated and it was new. I guess patience paid off.


  2. There are quite a few RV dealers in the DFW area – hope you find the rig you want in your price range when you are there. We just were back in that area last week. We stay at Lakeside Park, owned by Lewisville City, whenever we return for medical check ups and visits with friends. No sewer but great location for,our needs and only $9/day for seniors and $18/day for younger folks. We can stay up to 28 days during summer and up to 90 days during winter, although we never hang around that long.


  3. Shopping is key to find ‘the one’ and remember to commit to a size before purchasing especially if you like state parks and National forests. Being too big will limit you. Have a fun trip to TX.


  4. Good luck in your hunt. There are so many out there it can become a bit confusing, but I agree with Ingrid, it is good to decide where you want to be camping so you can determine the size that will work for you.


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