Steller Jay’s

Steller Jay’s at Thousand Trails 
Idyllwild Preserve in Southern California

IMG_2071I was surprised how many Steller Jay’s there are in the park. Almost everywhere I turned a Steller Jay’s was hopping on the ground looking for food.

IMG_2069I bought some peanuts at the store and Kevin threw them on the ground at least 5 Steller Jay’s came to eat them. They fought over the peanuts. It was a little scary when they flew on our awning and kept fighting but eventually they stopped and moved on.

Fun Steller Jay’s Trivia:

  • Steller Jay’s travel in pairs or family groups.
  • Steller Jay’s are considered to be monogamous.
  • The wings spread means submission & a raised crest means attack.

IMG_2065I felt blessed to see these birds. Their blue color with black crest is so striking.

Happy Birding!

Sharing with: Wild Bird Wednesday 


12 thoughts on “Steller Jay’s

  1. It’s a beautiful bird, and I think loves campgrounds because of the free food! 🙂 We saw quite a few at our campground at the Grand Canyon two years ago but I didn’t get any pictures. You got some great shots!


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