Motorhome Repairs and Life


California Towhee

Motorhome Update: Our motorhome is still in the shop. The windshield is fixed(two chips). The new refrigerator door is mounted (we had a small dent in it) but Mike Thompson is still troubleshooting our solar panel controller & windshield wiper fluid problem. I like the solar panels. Why? I imagine how much money I’m going to save having them on my motorhome and that makes me very happy. I just hope Mike Thompson figures out the problem soon. I miss camping in Tiffy. 🙂

Backyard Feeder Update: The California Towhee is our loyal backyard bird. I’m looking forward to birdwatching when our motorhome is out of the shop. Birdwatching in the wild is my favorite hobby.

Photography Update:  I’m still learning our Canon Camera. I like taking bird pictures and sky pictures.

Walking Update: Kevin and I have been walking about 1 mile a day. I’m starting to use the Map my Walk app more so I’m hoping to keep track of our walking and increase walking at least 2 miles at day.

What’s for dinner: It’s hot in Southern California so Kevin is BBQing burgers tonight. 🙂

Happy Camping!



4 thoughts on “Motorhome Repairs and Life

  1. Hope all the issues with Tiffy get fixed soon. Nothing more frustrating than something not working right in the RV when you want to be camping. It is hot, hot here, too, but hopefully we have some relief coming next week. Hope it comes your way, too. Best wishes with your new camera! Mine is also a Canon but needs to go to the shop soon for some needed maintenance. I love using it!


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