Repairs, Walking & Birthday’s



Motorhome Update: Mike Thompson finished the repairs on our RV done early it’s such a relief to have those repairs done.  Next, we are having a Blue Ox towing system hooked up to our RV that way we can bring our jeep on camping trips and explore the area near the campgrounds.

Walking Update: Kevin and I have increased our walking – 1  1/2 mile a day. I’m not sure our little Yorkshire Terrier can handle all that walking. I’m keeping an eye on him for signs that he is having problems with our pace. The Map my Walk app is working great.

Birdwatching:  Kevin and I identified a Say’s Phoebe while waking in the neighborhood.

Whats for dinner?  My niece Missy (click here to see Missy’s vblog) invited us over to celebrate her son turning one today so dinner is at her house.

Happy Travels!


2 thoughts on “Repairs, Walking & Birthday’s

  1. Glad to hear you have the repairs done and are good to go. I can walk about a 1/2 a mile now – hoping for a mile by the end of the summer. Good for you guys.


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