Fruit Flies, Birds & Productivity ?


Campground Update: When I first checked into Wildernesses Lakes Preserve in Menifee, CA I was excited about the activities. Water Aerobics, line dancing, kitchen lunches, bingo, etc. until I realize most of these activities are on the weekends or lead by a resident of the campground, well no one was brave enough to lead the activities. This might be because the fruit flies from the dairy fertilizer next door? or the Southern California heat?       😦   Therefore, I had to make my own fun.

How productive was I:

So, while Kevin worked all day I stayed busy. Why? Inactivity isn’t my friend, it’s must be that work ethnic my parents inserted into my character while I was growing up. 🙂

  • walked the dog-Joey loves his walks
  • worked on the blog- I enjoy staying in touch with other RVer’s & family members
  • planning places to visit in the RV- so many places to enjoy in the USA
  • ordered the Mountain Directory’s East & West- Why? to save Tiffy’s engine?
  • ordered the Family Motor Coach Atlas – I’ve got to know where I’m at.
  • socialize on Facebook, RVillage & blogs -talking & posting to family and friends- I’m an introvert but I still like to talk to people.
  • read romance novels on my kindle -one of my escape’s

The Pool: Kevin and I are leaving a little early from this park the fruit flies are just too much even in the Jacuzzi the fruit flies attacked us.  (humidity, dairy fertilizer & the fruit flies don’t mix)

Walking: Kevin and I are walking a good 1 1/2 mile around Wilderness Lakes Preserve.

Birds:  No new birds this time but I still enjoyed the ducks, herons’s, black phoebe’s and canadian geese.

All different kinds of RV's at Wilderness Lakes Preserve

There are all kinds of RV’s at Wilderness Lakes Preserve. This RV is so cute. It can get into places I just dream about.

I like having so many different types of RV's here.

Lots of variety -small & large RV’s here



Black-crowned Night Heron

Black-crowned Night Heron my favorite bird at Wilderness Lakes Preserve


Happy Camping!





















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6 thoughts on “Fruit Flies, Birds & Productivity ?

  1. The Black Phoebe is a pretty and I love the Night Heron.. Those flies hurt when they bite.. Great shots! Thank you for sharing your post with my critter party.. Have a happy week!


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