Cowboy cooking in a dutch oven

Outside Cooking

I bought an 12 inch 6 quart dutch oven for cooking outside.  The idea of cooking outdoors like the pioneers & cowboys appeals to Kevin and I.IMG_2540

You can tell the size of the oven by the number on top of the oven. The big 12 at the bottom means it’s a size 12 inch dutch oven.IMG_2542One problem I have is finding places in Southern California that allow briquette fires in the Summer. Every campground has a rule regarding fire usage so this weekend I’m cooking in the backyard.

IMG_2538I preseason it in my oven. It was so big I had to put the lid on top of the oven to preseason it.

Saturday or sooner I’m cooking Monkey Bread in it. I hope Monkey Bread is a good first timer bread to make in the oven. I guess I’ll find out. 🙂

Happy Cooking!



4 thoughts on “Cowboy cooking in a dutch oven

  1. I discovered cast iron when we bought this last RV. All 5 skillets are stacjed inside each othrr and git in my gas oven. The DO sits in a cubbord. The FB group Cooking With Cast Iron gave me such inspiration with pictures and recipes. Now I wont use anything else.

    If you ever get to Chattanooga TN be sure to check out the Lodge factory outlet store just west in South Pittsburg. They have a cave which sells seconds for 🙂


  2. We love cooking in cast iron, especially when camping. Cobblers are so fun to cooking over a campfire after dinner, especially when we have fellow campers along to help eat it. It takes about an hour to cook with coals on both top and bottom. Lots of great recipes on Pinterest, too.


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