Learning to drive the RV

This weekend was my time to drive the RV for the first time.

 Driving the RV was such a relief –I did it and I like it.



It important I learn to drive the RV. Why?

  • If we have an emergency I might be needed to drive the RV
  • If we need to drive far it helps to have two drivers
  • Because I like driving 🙂 Why should Kevin have all the fun?


My love of driving started at 19 when I bought my first new car; my cousin Mark (a Toyota salesmen) helped me buy it at cheap price. I drove that little brown truck down the freeway with the radio blasting enjoying life, loving that I was young and free. Now, I’m not so young but still having fun.

Happy RVing!



5 thoughts on “Learning to drive the RV

  1. Dan finally let me drive the truck/5th wheel for about 50 miles yesterday. He was more nervous than I was!! I agree it is important that everyone knows how to drive whatever RV you have.


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