Conversations Matter


Kevin and I stayed at Wilderness Lakes Preserve Thousand Trails in Menifee, CA. I was impressed with the friendly campers. People took the time to talk to me during walks. Also, Kevin and I had good conversation with other campers at the adult pool. I found out so much about Thousand Trails memberships and how friendly Thousand Trails folks are.

In some campgrounds, I get a wave and a smile. Should I settle for that?

Like the Chris Young song “Aw Naw”

I want more than just a wave and a smile. I like good conversation.

As my dad always said, “I like people who talk to me”.

I’m an introvert so a campground like this is a blessing to me. Plus, they have several new level 5oamp sites. 🙂

I give Wilderness Lakes a standing ovation on the friendly meter.

 Happy Camping!

This is a good article on introverts- Why Introverts Need to Recharge?

This is a article about camping conversation- Queen of Conversation


2 thoughts on “Conversations Matter

  1. Thanks for sharing the introvert link. Helps to know I’m not alone. I struggle with reading many RV blogs because they are all about who they saw and what they did. I prefer to sit in my campsite, enjoy the view and chat briefly with other campers who are strolling by. We were at Wilderness Springs last year and enjoyed it. In general, I have thoroughly enjoyed the TT campgrounds we have stayed in. Nature with hook ups. I will look forward to your thoughts on Palm Springs and the birding you will do and see. We keep trying to full-time it, but grandkids keep coming (I think we are done now) and most recently extended RV repairs – as I read on another blog, it always takes longer and costs more than you think it will. Hope to be back on the road in March. Enjoy retirement!

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