Operation Sell Timeshare

 Downsizing Timeshare Cost before Retirement

Our June Lake Timeshare

June Lake Vacation Fun -shore fishing near June Lake

One bill I’m downsizing is a timeshare.. It’s not an exotic timeshare so I’m having a difficult time selling it. My salesperson tactics are begging, “Please someone take over my maintenance fees”. I’m told this is what all the non exotic timeshare owners do during the selling process. If my timeshare was somewhere exotic, I might be able to unload it with my dignity intact and some money in my pocket.

 Heidelberg Inn Timeshare at June Lake, California

We had several great vacations here but it’s time to move on. The maintenance fees are too high for us to keep up in retirement $696.00 a year.  I’m paying all the fees involved in the sale but still no buyer…

 Some of my brainstorming for Operation Sell the Timeshare are

Timeshare Donations– Yes, I look into them but only one was good with the Better Business Bureau and they want $3900.00.  Also, a tax write off isn’t legal.  I can donate the timeshare but I don’t receive a tax write off legally. 😦

Resale’s Timeshare– Is there any timeshare resale’s companies that will sell my timeshare without asking me to pay upfront fees?     That’s a BIG “NO”

Deed of LieuThe timeshare company still hasn’t returned the message I left. 😦 I tried 🙂 
Update: the Heidelberg Inn manager called and listed my timeshare on their website 🙂 Progress is good  🙂

Craigslist– My ads are all over this website. I got emails but no serious buyers.

Redweek.com – I broke down and paid for the ad and I’m still waiting to sell it……

The Cost: $125.00 plus a $14.00 fee to advertise.


Someone is going to love this timeshare but until I find him or her, I pay the fees. Be very careful when you buy a timeshare our lives have changed and it’s no longer an option for us to keep it.

How did you sell, donate or end your timeshare?

Son Fishing

Son Fishing

Daughter fishing

Daughter fishing


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