Preparing for a Death Valley National Park

Kevin and I are visiting Death Valley National Park for 49er days next week. In preparation we’re reading everything we can find on desert camping. Desert camping is something I’ve looked forward to. I have many fond childhood memories of desert camping with my aunt’s, my uncles, my parents & many cousins.

I have read Death Valley Jim’s Blog. His blog is filled with information about camping in the desert, hiking, mines & his tours. Thanks, to fulltimetumbleweed I found a good route to drive.

We have three 160-watt solar panels on the roof. Do we need more?  Are we ready for dry camping? Well, we are going to find out. 🙂


Happy Desert Camping!




6 thoughts on “Preparing for a Death Valley National Park

  1. We loved our visit to Death Valley a couple of years ago. We stayed at the Sunset Campground. The terraced overflow area is the best spot to camp/park and watch amazing sunsets. Happy trails 🙂

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  2. I can’t wait to hear about that experience. It’s something we’re not interested in, but love to hear from those that do. Have fun and let us know if you have cell service out that way.

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