Sanderlings in San Diego

Silver Strand State Beach in San Diego, CA


 The Sanderlings ran across the sand so quickly. They looked so cute running in little packs trying to find food.


What I learned about the Sanderling

  • They are obsessive wave chasers.
  • Sanderlings are small shorebirds that can be aggressive when defending their feeding grounds.
  • Sanderlings are easy to find on sandy beaches during Fall to Spring.


Happy Birding!

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14 thoughts on “Sanderlings in San Diego

  1. I adore this photo! May I have permission to reblog this post on my other site, sometime in November, as I am featuring birds there this month? Great job! That is the cutest bird.

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  2. I can relate to these guys….. I’m a wave chaser when I go anywhere near the ocean…. probably because I live in a landlocked city …. hahhahha…… I love to get that one great shot of a wave …or hope for one to bring in something interesting …which is what these guys must be doing…. how cute they are….


  3. Reblogged this on My Five Fs and commented:
    I’m happy to share a guest post today from Seize the Day RV Adventure. We love to travel in our own RV when on vacation, and I enjoy following the adventures of others that either travel part-time or live full-time in their RVs, too. RV travelers often spend quite a bit of time in natural settings and some are also avid bird and animal watchers. I loved this recent post at Seize the Day RV Adventure and asked their permission to reblog it here. I hope you enjoy this special bird and their great photos!

    Sanderlings are in the Sandpiper family, and are sometimes referred to as “peep” sandpipers. Many of us have probably seen them scurrying around on beaches we’ve visited in fall, winter and spring months, too. What impressed me when researching these birds is just how far they migrate each year! Click on the link below at All About Birds to see a map of just how far they travel. I have a new appreciation of these tiny little travelers now, for sure.

    “These extreme long-distance migrants breed only on High Arctic tundra, but during the winter they live on most of the sandy beaches of the world.” — The Cornell Lab of Ornithology –

    I hope you will click through to Seize The Day RV Adventure’s original post and share a like and a comment there if you enjoyed their wonderful photos. I wish I was strolling with those cute Sanderlings on the beach today!


  4. I’m happy to share your post today! My intention was to reblog it on both of my sites, as the Animal Wonder site would appeal for obvious reasons but my regular site would appeal to some RV travelers there that might not have seen you post it earlier. It is on my regular site, but WordPress won’t allow me to reblog it a second time apparently to the other site. So disappointed to not be able to do that! So, I’m just going to hard-link it over there. Live and learn with this blogging stuff. It just won’t have a lovely picture of yours to show up on the site, and for that, I’m very sad. Thanks again!


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