Geocaching in the city


Dictionary definition of Geocaching: a game of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates.

It sounds like a treasure hunt to me. 🙂

Kristopher (our son) was living with us for a few month. He likes geocaching. 🙂 There are several geocaches in our area so the three of us headed out in the jeep for a geocache road trip. What a great time we had with this treasure hunt. We found two geocaches. The geocaches were in weather resistant containers each had a logbook and some geoswag. (a item that is found in a geocache container)

Kevin and I made up a new geocaching team name for us the “RV Express”  This new hobby is something Kevin and I can enjoy while RVing. Geocaching and RVing go together like beer and pizza or peanut butter & jelly. 🙂

Thanks, Kristopher for the geocaching information. I’m glad we could share our home with you until you found a new place to live.

Happy Geocaching!

Geocaching Websites


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