Getting Ready for Fulltiming

Getting ready for Fulltiming


Timeshare:  We’re in the process of donating our timeshare (for a price) to a company that gives to charity. I’ll be glad to have that monkey off my back.

Stuff in the house:  I’ve made a list of all the furniture in the rental home. I wrote down if it’s a donate, throw away or sell item. I’m selling things on Craigslist or at a garage sale in a few months.

Domicile State:  I thought we had our domicile state settled for South Dakota but Texas is starting to sound more appealing. Many people are having problems with South Dakota’s health insurance. Kevin and I have a employee insurance plan so that won’t affect us but …What else is South Dakota changing? Is Texas better for us? More research for me to do 🙂

Exercise:  We’re walking a 1 mile at night. I’m thinking of bringing a big stick with us to protect our little yorkie. I read a newspaper article about a little dog getting attacked by a Akita at a local dog park.

Fulltiming day is May 31, 2015 if all goes well

Happy Camping!


22 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Fulltiming

  1. Lots to think about..Good for you for giving it a try!! What’s the worst that could happen…You find an area you love, buy a stix and brix and go back to camping part time…No worries!

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  2. How exciting! I still remember the days before we handed over the keys to our sticks-and-bricks house. We took a financial hit on the house, but it was just after the 2008 crash, and were glad to have found a buyer. Result? So glad we did! You’ll find RVing is MUCH less expensive than you’ve been used to — and you have much more control over the expenses you do take on. I know it all feels critical right now, but whatever decisions you’re making now can be changed if they don’t work out. We have SD domicile, and like it, but the health insurance thing isn’t an issue for us. The one advantage to TX? If you have to renew your drivers licenses in the winter, you’ll have better weather 🙂

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  3. Best wishes on becoming fulltimers! Sounds like a great asventure!
    About waling your dog, we have found we’ve had the most problems with the smaller dogs, and always carry dog spray (pepper spray) just in case…
    Happy travels and merry Christmas!

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  4. If health Ins were not an issue I believe we would stick with SD. In TX you will need to get a safety inspection when you enter the state. Not sure of the details e.g if you are required to for plate renewal or not. But I will be finding out soon, TX will likely become our new Domicile sometime in 2015.
    Congrats, you will love it when you finally get to roll.


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