Domicile dilemma, walking & budgets

670px-Save-Money-on-Food-Step-3Fulltime Preparation: I’m trying to stay in budget during the holidays.  I’m working on not buying anything I don’t need but separating needs & wants is a challenge.

Update: A need is something you have to have like food.
A want is something you would like to have. It isn’t absolutely necessary but it would be a good thing to have.

Domicile State:  the challenges of picking a state for us
Texas:  Inspections every time I enter Texas more than 72 hrs   Update: 90 days after entering the state-  I wonder if this will change ???
South Dakota: It’s cold in the winter. Wheel Tax in some county’s ….its still cheaper than California
Florida: Jury duty Update: sounds like its a must be there thing in Florida  Plus, I would like to domicile in the western part of the USA.

The positive– I’m from California. I’m going to save money whatever state I pick. 🙂

Exercise: While preparing for the holidays, our walking has slowed down. I hope that after Christmas we can get back to walking. I’m starting to feel fatter. 😦

Vehicle Update: We have one vehicle our jeep wrangler. Kevin is still working at this time. This leaves me at home during the day. I need to be productive so I find things to do around the house or online. It saves us in vehicle insurance & gas.

Next Trip After Christmas: Las Vegas, Nevada

Happy Holidays!


9 thoughts on “Domicile dilemma, walking & budgets

  1. Yes, these dilemmas are fun. I have found living in a travel trailer has really helped me separate wants from needs. It also means if I buy one thing to go into the trailer, another thing has to go out. Just yesterday we unloaded two heavy old fashioned 4 terabyte back up disks for an even bigger terabyte sized but much smaller physical size solid state back up disk unit. Gone 32 pounds. After five years we are replacing that poundage with a small portable washing machine (27 pounds) so that we don’t have to run to the laundry mat for every little thing. Is that a want or a need? I don’t know. We’ll see how much I actually use the thing and then decide.

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    • A need is something you have to have like food.
      A want is something you would like to have. It isn’t absolutely necessary but it would be a good thing to have.

      Its a challenge but well worth the effort.

      I hope we keep “the stuff” down in our RV. Sounds like it can build up fast 🙂


  2. We started off totally packed to the hilt. After a year, if we didn’t use it we tossed it (i.e. gave to friends, family, charity). For us, the first year was a learning curve. Have you thought about Parhump NV for a domicile? We’ve stayed with Colorado as long as my medical insurance keeps me. Once they drop me, we’ll make a change. Good luck and have a great Christmas.

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  3. For 2015, Texas has tied vehicle inspection to registration. For those living in S/B, they would get their vehicle inspected, then show that document along with proof of insurance to complete registration process. For RVers, that could pose a problem. However, an RVer who is out of state will be able to register by self-certifying the RV is out of state. Upon returning to Texas, vehicle is then inspected.
    Take a look at Escapees (, they have extensive info on establishing a Texas domicile. They also can provide mail forwarding. When called for jury duty, a call to Polk County court house is all that is needed to be excused. They do encourage RVers to volunteer for jury duty when returning to Polk County. PS – we’ve not been back to Polk County for almost 3 years.


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